Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my absence on here but, have been busy exploring a newer phone I now have.

Hopefully it will help me get more work so, I can make more money and, get things back on track as soon as possible….

I did not come into money to buy this phone. Instead a family member gave it to me.

I was playing a game on it yesterday and, got caught up in it.

It took a lot of my time but, that is okay as, I was having fun with it.

The game is one I have played at the Summer time fair in years past.

The game is called coin dozer.

I found it when I was looking for apps to try on Feature points.

That is an app that can be used to make money for trying apps.

Well I enjoyed it so much that, I played it all afternoon yesterday.

I felt kind of guilty about it but, was having a good time.

Today I made up for the time loss yesterday by, signing up for Cambly.

A site that you can teach on.

Now am just waiting to be approved to teach there.

Well this is it for now.

Catch up with you soon…

Thank you for your time and, reading…


I am updating all who may follow me in time.

That I am starting a new blog called stressful livin…

I feel that by using this new name it will give me a wider range of topics to chat about.

I am hoping that I can help and, reach others as, that will help me feel better too.

Thank you…


Hi to all the people out there who like me have come across scammers in their lives.

When I first started getting scammed , I had no idea that it was happening to me. I was in a very  vulnerable, emotional way. This was several years ago now. I had a life changing event take place and wasnt thinking with a conscious state of mind to be sure.

I was seeking relationships to have someone to talk with and possibly become involved with over time.  The 1st mistake I made was not making sure they were located near me. This lead to someone being from different parts of the country than myself. Not a good idea because when you havnt met them in person ( like I didnt) , then you dont know for sure if they are who they say they are. More times than not. They arent who they say they are. Its difficult to know, when your not thinking right.

Scammers are clever with how they relate to you.  A lot of times they have a script in front of them that tells them what to say to you. They can also have phone numbers which are from the USA so you dont know they are from another country. I was fooled by them about their problems they were having in another country that they were supposedly were working in on a short term job, and would ask me for money. Yes , I am such a caring person that I believed what they were telling me and sent them funds. I have been regretting that for quite sometime now.

Some of the things they said to me at times were repeated back to me at different times in the day. That was another thing that got me suspicious of them.

They do usually post pictures of themselves as well.  These photos are usually model shots not them.

The reason I am telling all of you this is because I want you to know what I went through and maybe I can help you not get involved with them like I did.

Well thanks for reading and hopefully this helps at least one person out.


Im learning as Im sure many of you already know that there are soooooo  many scams out there in the world today whether it be off line or online. To me its both sad and exhausting to go through all the steps you have to in order to know if something is real or a scam. To be honest with you its like having a full time job in it self to try and weed out the real opportunities and the scammers. In my opinion it shouldnt have to be this way.  I myself am trying to find a real job I can do with or without the computer from home, but as Im finding more and more , its not easy to do. The longer I do this however ,the more Im learning about how to spot what is real and what is not. More info. coming soon.

Just so you know this post sight is putting the adds in my post , not me.

Bye for now.

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